Dr. Jim Taylor: A sports psychologist who has personally branded himself (without even knowing it!)

I was at a ski race over the weekend at Stowe, Vermont, cheering on my two sons, Jamie and Craig, as they competed in college races. While I was in the base lodge waiting for the second run, I was introduced to Dr. Jim Taylor, who I’ve known of for years as an expert in […]

Your XYZ and Personal Brand Manifesto

Taking the time to think through who you are, who you serve, and the benefits of working with you is the key to professional success in today’s world. Putting yourself out there through the traditional media and social media, with a clear statement of your offerings, will attract the right clients and customers. Your XYZ […]

Getting Social with Consumers

by Marshall Communications Account Executive Whitney Moreau In today’s world that has shifted so much towards communicating with family, friends, coworkers, and even business prospects through social media, it’s easy to become bewildered about what platforms are worthwhile to be on. Are you reaching your current customers? Prospects? It’s important you know—or, perhaps test—what’s going […]

Who’s Got a Really Strong Personal Brand? Santa Claus!

With the Christmas holiday season upon us, I have been thinking about how Santa Claus has a really strong personal brand. Here are five reasons why: Santa delivers on his promise, reliably year after year, on the 24th of December. People count on him to deliver presents and joy to billions of children in their […]

Personal Branding from the Inside Out and the Outside In

Tom Peters was the first one to coin the term “personal branding” in a 1997 article in Fast Company called “The Brand Called You.” Since then, William Arruda of Reach Personal Branding has fleshed out the essence of personal branding and delivered hundreds of hours of courses and published hundreds of articles on the topic. […]

Maximizing Your Online Marketing Efforts

For many businesses, online advertising has become the advertising platform of choice. A recent study by Pew Research Center estimates that revenue from online advertising will have increased by as much as 40% from 2011. With increasing competition online, it’s becoming an unfortunate truth that many small businesses are getting overlooked. It’s important to remember […]

To Update or Not to Update?

Many people think of a website as a one-time expense. They want to pay to have the site created and then move on, especially if the site is created using a CMS (Content Management System) that they can edit and add pages all on their own without needing to work with a developer. But, that’s […]

Be the Best Version of You

It’s a whole lot easier to be the best version of yourself than to spend a lot of time and energy trying to be someone you’re not.

How NOT to do SEO for your site and yourself

One of the goals of personal branding is optimizing your name so when people search for you on Google or other search engines, there are numerous sites that come up with good content about you. If you have a common name like Mary Smith or John Jones, you need to work even harder to be […]

7 Ways to Make Your News Release Become News

So, you’ve got news. And, you’d like the media to tell the masses. But, your news releases often don’t lead to media coverage. Here are a few tips, gleaned from more than a decade of copywriting and media pitching, to help turn news of any kind into the news coverage you’re seeking. 1. Make sure […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Do you remember the last time you actually enjoyed opening an email? Chances are, most marketing emails you get aren’t emotionally compelling enough for you to remember them or more importantly, take action. Today, to create a successful email marketing strategy, it’s about finding out what your audience wants and how you can target them […]