By Anna McDermott

Lori Highby

The power of human connection was the focus in the second episode of The PR Maven® Podcast with Nancy Marshall as she spoke with her guest, Lori Highby of Keystone Click, a digital marketing agency in Milwaukee. Both women have started their own agencies and know the importance of building relationships and your network.

As Nancy says, it’s all about people. Your business depends on who you know and putting a human face to as many interactions as you can with clients or potential customers is so valuable. These interactions may be in the form of networking events or in-person meetings, but Lori noted that in today’s world, face-to-face can be with video, as well. With video conferencing, you still can read people’s emotions and the same benefits from in-person communication are present in video form. The happiness hormone, oxytocin, is still released in your brain from watching videos and that helps build trust in your relationships.

Trust is key to doing business with anyone. If people don’t trust you, they won’t work with you. If you leverage videos — from calls to informational videos on platforms like YouTube or Facebook — you are helping create trust between you and your audience. Unlike the written word, which you can take the time to edit and polish to perfection, videos have a much higher level of automatic authenticity. You may stumble over a word here or there or scratch your eyebrow — little things that make you seem more human, and less perfect, and much more delightfully normal.

Even podcasts generate a similar level of authenticity — it’s your voice and personality that drives any good podcast and this, too, is excellent in building trust-based relationships.

Today, both audio and video as means of communication resonate with people more than ever. Don’t miss out on using both formats to speak to your customers!

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