Author: Nancy Marshall

Minding Your Client’s Business: Why Having an Innate Understanding of Your Client’s Industry Can Help You Achieve Their Public Relations Goals

Good communicators are familiar with the daily life of their clients. Find out how you can ensure better PR coverage for clients in this blog article.

Sauerkraut & Kielbasa Bake

The perfect warm and hearty meal for fall.

Apple Pie Macarons

Are you ready for a challenge? This recipe is for apple pie macarons!

Eventide Fish Chowder

With everything that is going on right now, we are in need of some comfort food.

Buffalo Greek Caesar Salad

Spice up your salad with a little western style. This yummy salad will make your metabolism skyrocket!

It’s Cool to be Hip

What is cool keeps changing and successful marketing often depends on reacting and participating in trends.

Haters Gonna Hate

A strong brand has the power to both attract and repel...

Branding and the Importance of Consistency

Maintaining brand consistency helps build your brand recognition and protects you from copy-cats. Know the value of your brand and work to safeguard it.

Social Media Measurement Tips

In PR, we often find ourselves unable to prove ROI but with planning and a strategy in place, you can set up criteria to measure and prove success.

What The Ski Industry Can Teach Us About High-Tech, High-Touch PR

Working in the ski industry taught me about the power of combining in-person and high-tech communications.