Pandemics, school shootings and natural disasters are examples of situations that trigger crisis communications work and require an immediate response from businesses and organizations. Your future depends on how you respond.

If your business is anticipating a crisis and needs a crisis communications plan or is going through a crisis right now, Marshall Communications can help you. Our agency has a team of professionals that can help you with the following:

Reactive and immediate crisis communications planning

  • 10 questions you need to ask internally about the crisis
  • Crisis Communications
    Marshall Communications has experience working with law enforcement and the media.

    How to create an immediate holding statement and value statements

  • Identify ALL the people who will be impacted by the crisis
  • Message maps to help ensure everyone is singing from the same song sheet
  • Creating talking points and messaging for media briefings
  • Immediate media training
  • How to avoid negative messages and instead share your brand values
  • Version control; making sure information stays accurate and up to date
  • Communication channels you should use
  • How to control the message and get your accurate information to the media
  • Internal and external communication strategies
  • What the timeline should look like for your response times, including a briefing schedule
  • Establishing a crisis communications situation room
  • Working with legal departments on approved messages

Proactive crisis communications planning

  • Creating a detailed and strategic plan
  • How to anticipate the reaction from the public, your customers and your other target audiences to protect the reputation of your brand
  • Understanding the difference between a developing crisis and immediate crisis
  • Creating a physical crisis communications kit
  • Developing website content for a dark website
  • How to establish a crisis communications team
  • Internal and external communication strategies
  • Creating a key contact list and media list
  • Role playing and emergency management training, mass casualty drills, community planning drills, etc.

At Marshall Communications we understand that every crisis is different, every client is different. If you are interested in working together with us for your crisis, give us a call at 207-623-4177.

Meet the leaders of our crisis communications team:

Nancy Marshall HeadshotSteve McCausland, Communications Specialist

Nancy Marshall


The PR Maven®. Go-getter.

Social Media Powerhouse.

Steve McCausland



Calm. Cool. Collected.

Alicia Gaudet“We recently hired Nancy and Steve to teach a webinar on “Preparing for the Media during Crises” geared towards all types of municipal employees and officials. They both have a wealth of knowledge and experience with crisis communication and public relations, which translated perfectly to this virtual training. They provided great real-life examples and tangible takeaways for participants, including professional PowerPoint slides and a downloadable e-book outlining their 20 crisis communications tactics. Being communications experts, Nancy and Steve were awesome virtual presenters – they kept the audience engaged, shared the responsibilities for presenting their material and easily segued into questions from participants – it was all very fluid! They have an easy rapport with each other and their confidence and comfort with the material was evident.”

Alicia Gaudet, Manager, Educational Services
Maine Municipal Association