Personal Brand Building Deliverables

We will work together for at least one year and perhaps longer to produce these deliverables, depending on your readiness for the level of personal brand building you desire.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Personal brand manifesto: the story of the person you are today, including your personal brand promise, which is the reason people like and trust you.
  2. Message map: so you can articulate what has made you who you are, and what people can expect of you. Your message map includes a seven second sound bite, which is a quick synopsis you can use to introduce yourself to others.
  3. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages that reflect your personal brand.
  4. Personal website that includes content written about you and by you.
  5. Speaker’s sheet that will be used to solicit speaking engagements with relevant audiences, sometimes starting with smaller groups and working up to larger, more international audiences.
  6. Speaking engagements at conferences, conventions and civic organizations, which we will videotape so we can review together and critique for continuous improvement.
  7. Introduction for speaking engagements that can be tweaked depending on the audience.
  8. Media training to prepare you for broadcast, print and online interviews.
  9. Most-wanted media list, which are the media outlets where you would like to be interviewed and receive coverage.
  10. Search engine optimization for your name and your area of expertise will ensure that others can find you by typing in your name and other key words.
  11. Create and rehearse your presentation, including PowerPoint or other visual aids.
  12. When you are ready for media coverage, I will seek out interviews for you with the media, with the goal of 3 print, 3 TV, 3 radio and 3 online results.
  13. Write by-lined articles and other content for your website, for trade journals and other publications.
  14. If desired, we will work with my strategic image partner on your personal style, color choices, accessories and hairstyle so your appearance reflects the person you are, both inside and out.

Other deliverables will be provided as part of the process in order to achieve your desired goals and objectives. I will strive to make the process seamless, professional and fun for you. It will be a process of discovery, personal growth and continuous improvement as you develop and refine your personal brand.