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PR Strategies to Improve Sales

Connect with your target audience, build brand credibility and ultimately boost your sales with public relations. Here are eight tips to help you achieve your goals.

AI Is Here To Stay, But It’s No Match For Humans In PR And Marketing

With the emergence of artificial intelligence chatbots, many professionals are concerned about AI’s impact. Now is not the time to panic.

10 Media Training Tips For Crisis Communicators

What do you do when the media calls for an interview after a crisis? Read these 10 media training tips for crisis communicators and have a plan for when a crisis strikes.

How Genuine Interest, Curiosity and Preparation Can Help You Tell a Story

Storytelling through media needs to be accessible on multiple platforms at any time.

Podcasting Is Growing For A Reason—Don’t Miss Out On That Growth

Podcasting is a way for people to have meaningful conversations that can then be shared with a target audience. In the end, podcasting comes down to relationship management. It’s a part of the relationship business, and the best podcasters serve as connectors who build bonds with the people around them.

Is the Press Release Dead? You Might Be Surprised at the Answer

Jody Fisher, VP of Public Relations at Austin Williams, explains why the press release remains a key strategy in PR.

Traditional Media Is The ‘OG’ Influencer

There’s more to PR than the digital universe. The ultimate influencer for PR practitioners to leverage is still traditional media. Professionals in the field need to be creative about promoting their clients in other ways. The original way—and still the most important way—comes down to traditional media.

The Difference Between PR And Advertising, And Where The Lines Are Fading

PR and advertising both help build awareness and generate sales, but they have many differences, too. Find out what sets them apart and how the lines are fading in this blog post.

Strategies Vs. Tactics: Understanding The ‘Why’ And ‘How’ In PR

What is the difference between strategies and tactics? ... "why" and "how."

How Publicists And Marketers Can Begin To Adapt To Web3

What challenge do publicists and marketers face today?... the digital age.