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Is the Press Release Dead? You Might Be Surprised at the Answer

Jody Fisher, VP of Public Relations at Austin Williams, explains why the press release remains a key strategy in PR.

Traditional Media Is The ‘OG’ Influencer

There’s more to PR than the digital universe. The ultimate influencer for PR practitioners to leverage is still traditional media. Professionals in the field need to be creative about promoting their clients in other ways. The original way—and still the most important way—comes down to traditional media.

The Difference Between PR And Advertising, And Where The Lines Are Fading

PR and advertising both help build awareness and generate sales, but they have many differences, too. Find out what sets them apart and how the lines are fading in this blog post.

Strategies Vs. Tactics: Understanding The ‘Why’ And ‘How’ In PR

What is the difference between strategies and tactics? ... "why" and "how."

How Publicists And Marketers Can Begin To Adapt To Web3

What challenge do publicists and marketers face today?... the digital age.

PR People: Don’t Be Just A Commodity

Finding PR people is easy, but finding those who are truly PR experts is rare. Don't be a commodity. Separate yourself by adding real value.

3 Not-So-Obvious Forms of PR for Your Brand

Many people think PR is just about press releases and traditional media-pitching tactics, but the reality is that there are a multitude of tools and techniques available for brands. Press releases and pitches are absolutely key – but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Trying out the “not-so-obvious” forms of PR may just be […]

Best of The PR Maven®: The Top 21 of 2021

Nancy Marshall shares 21 key takeaways for public relations professionals in 2021, highlighting wisdom from PR Maven® Podcast guests and offering insights of her own.

‘If You Mess Up, Dress Up and Fess Up’: A Wisdom Drop From the PR Maven®

In crisis communications, you need to act quickly. If you “mess up,” you need to “fess up” and share accurate facts.

How to Start a Company While in College: Thoughts From a 21-year-old CEO

Josh Kim, a college senior and founder of The Cubby — an art marketplace for college students — on how to jumpstart an entrepreneurial career.