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Air Date: 2/9/2021

How small businesses can earn media coverage

Sabina Hitchen is an entrepreneur, speaker, and media expert dedicated to shining a spotlight on small business owners through her publicity education and solutions as well as her on-air small business segments. All of her professional work is rooted in educating and empowering entrepreneurs to get publicity strategically and confidently.

In Sabina’s former professional life she was a high school teacher and education curriculum creator before moving on to a career in public relations in New York City. It was there that she learned to successfully tell the stories of businesses of all sizes in the national and local media. Once she saw the impact that publicity had on small businesses she dedicated herself to creating accessible solutions, tools, resources to help them utilize it for growth.

Sabina now sits as the founder and “principal” of Press for Success PR Prep School where business owners around the country can access streaming online PR and buzz-building classes as well connect with others around the country within the community that has grown around the platform.

Sabina and her work have been seen in Good Morning America, USA Today, The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, ABC News, NBC News, Shape Magazine, Women’s Health, Forbes, and more.

Sabina lives with her husband, daughter, and dog George Michael in Maine.


In the episode:

Sabina Hitchen started her career as a high school teacher before moving on to a career in public relations. Now she has come full circle teaching small business owners how to earn publicity. In this episode, Sabina talks about why publicity is valuable for businesses and how it can be attainable even on a small budget. Through her examples and advice, learn how to do the publicity for your own small business in this episode.

2:30 – Sabina explains why publicity is valuable to businesses.

4:12 – After being a teacher in Chicago, Sabina talks about changing careers to public relations.

8:29 – Sabina describes how publicity for small business is changing and evolving in 2021.

13:20 – Nancy and Sabina talk about how they were first connected and give a shout out to Sabina’s parents.

15:29 – Sabina shares why she is so passionate about teaching publicity to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

19:10 – Sabina describes some of the PR strategies that are most often overlooked.

24:40- Nancy and Sabina talk about the value of using Twitter for PR.

27:50 – Sabina shares an example of an amazing accomplishment from one of her students.

33:31 – Sabina lists the steps to learn how to pitch.

38:30 – Sabina describes the difference between targeted pitching and using a wire service.

41:27 – Sabina shares a resource that has helped her.



“Once you get publicity, that is not the end. This is when you have to leverage your publicity because not everybody is tuning into News Center Maine, Headline News, CNN, Fox & Friends or whatever. You’re on at that very moment. We are inundated with content, so when you get that publicity, that’s just the beginning. Then you have to share it.” – Sabina Hitchen, founder of Press for Success




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