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Air Date: 1/26/2021

The basics of handwritten notes and book writing

Christine Richards is a professional graphic designer, writer, and editor specializing in nonfiction book coaching and design. She is an avid letter writer, collage artist, and founder of Composition1206 and Postmark1206.

January 23rd was National Handwriting Day and Christine’s book A Snail Mail Guide To Cursive Writing Practice illustrates that snail mail is not only alive and well, but an effective way to reach out and connect with people. With her new book and a stash of note cards on hand, she is well-equipped to use two of her favorite techniques for building a personal brand: writing a book and sending handwritten notes to colleagues.


In the episode:

How do you feel when you receive a handwritten note in the mail? In this episode, Christine Richards talks with Nancy about her passion for sending handwritten notes. Not only is Christine an avid note writer, but she also helps others write books. Cristine shares why having a well-written book is so important for your business or personal brand. Design also comes into play as Christine describes her graphic design and collage making background, helping to make books more visually appealing.

1:57 – Christine describes how her career started at the National Park Service.

4:07 – Christine talks about why handwritten notes appeal to her so much.

6:09 – Christine shares how to use handwritten notes in business.

11:41 – Nancy and Christine talk about how they started writing to each other.

15:35 – Christine explains the value of writing a book for your business.

17:59 – Christine describes why it is important to get professional help with your book.

23:14 – Christine shares what a book coach is and why you should hire one to help you with your book.

30:14 – Christine talks about the reason why she uses music notes in her collages.



“We get to share our stories. Whether you tell a story or you say, ‘Thank you,’ getting the mail is what makes people feel good because they know that you’ve been thinking about them.” – Christine Richards, writer, nonfiction book consultant and graphic designer at Composition1206



A Snail Mail Guide to Cursive Writing Practice

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  • Pat Walsh says:

    Very informative and fun! The book is beautifully designed and written. Congratulations Christine!

  • Alice says:

    Well done Christine!! You are so talented. Nice photo of you…..
    Keep up the good work.