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Air Date: 4/14/2020

How giving back can increase the longevity of your brand

Becky Robinson is the entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Weaving Influence, Inc., an online influence building company. She works with authors and thought leaders to help them show up online in the same powerful ways they show up in real life.

Becky is also a mom to three wonderful daughters. She has been married since 1993. Work, family, and faith are her three top priorities, not necessarily in that order.

Becky lives in Lambertville, Michigan, across the border from Toledo, Ohio. She works both in Weaving Influence’s local office and remotely from her home office. Working from a home office allows her the ability to be present with her daughters. Weaving Influence exists as a core employee team and a virtual, dispersed team. Becky’s job is to mobilize her team as a unified whole to serve their clients with consistent excellence.


In the episode:

2:15 – Becky explains how she started Weaving Influence after taking a break from her career to stay home with her daughters.

3:25 – Becky talks about how she was more interested in picture books than business books before working with business book authors.

4:21 – When promoting a book, Becky recommends building the network of people interested in your book first.

6:13 – Becky says that how she measures success depends on the goal of her client.

10:10 – Nancy and Becky talk about what services authors get when they work with publishers.

13:14 – Becky shares the mission of Hometown Reads.

16:49 – Becky tells how she attributes a lot of her success to generosity.

19:28 – Not coming from a business background, Becky talks about the challenges of leadership and company culture.

27:14 – As a digital marketing organization, Becky shares that Weaving Influence is unique because of its niche market.

28:26 – Becky describes how her company’s name came to be.

31:54 – Becky talks about making a consistent effort to build her network.

36:12 – Becky talks about the tools she and her team use.

38:27 – Becky encourages listeners to give back and offer value to others.



I like to try to think about what’s on the other side and the stories that we’ll be able to tell someday about, ‘Wow. It was hard, but I got through it.’” – Becky Robinson, founder and CEO of Weaving Influence Inc



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