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Air Date: 1/21/2020

About the episode:

Nancy Marshall, CEO of Marshall Communications and The PR Maven
Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven® and founder & CEO of Marshall Communications

In this episode, Nancy describes the power of a plan. With public relations and marketing being so expensive, it is important to start with a plan that ensures you are using your money wisely—after all you wouldn’t build a house without blueprints! Nancy goes through the process of creating a marketing and PR plan, as well as why she created The Marshall Plan®. Nancy also provides examples of how clients have benefited, and continue to shine, after creating a marketing and PR plan.

In the episode:

1:20 – Nancy shares that a PR and marketing plan is important because these services are expensive, and you want to make sure you are using your money wisely.

3:09 – Nancy mentions several ways to measure your success.

4:03 – To get started, Nancy explains how the brand manifesto and brand platform can be used.

5:50 – Next, she presents why your plan should include quantifiable goals and supporting objectives, which is where you can use a marketing dashboard.

6:10 – To know where you stand, Nancy suggests a competitive analysis, including a SWOT analysis.

7:21 – Nancy lists the different tactics your brand can use to reach customers.

8:34 – To implement the plan, Nancy shares how tools and templates will play a role in the success of your brand.

9:29 – Nancy shares how important a timeline and budget are for building your brand.

10:54 – Nancy suggests a measurement outcome for each tactic you are using.

16:08 – Nancy shares her inspiration for creating The Marshall Plan®. as well as how it has helped several successful clients.

17:20 – Nancy talks about how the City of Saco has benefited from having completed The Marshall Plan® process. Learn more in Emily Roy’s PR Maven Podcast episode.

19:51 – Nancy shares the success FirstPark has had since their Marshall Plan, including increased leads and new businesses moving into the park.

23:08 – Nancy includes the how Clay Center for Young, Healthy Minds benefited from the creation of a Marshall Plan.


When we do a Marshall Plan, we provide very concrete metrics of success or critical measures of performance for the plan. You have accountability and responsibility to generate a return on investment. And that’s really the beauty of a Marshall Plan.” — Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven® and founder & CEO of Marshall Communications


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