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Air Date: 10/1/2019

About the guest:

Emma Dimock, Account Assistant at Marshall Communications
Emma Dimock, Account Assistant at Marshall Communications

Emma is a recent Thomas College graduate with a degree in marketing management. She graduated in three years with a 4.0 GPA. In her final semester, Emma started working as an intern at Marshall Communications before starting her full-time position.

In her role at Marshall Communications, Emma assists others in the office with research, analysis, communications, meeting facilitation and copywriting. Taking on projects from many of our clients, Emma uses her time-management skills to quickly complete projects with tight deadlines and manage multiple priorities. With her knowledge of our clients, she is able to smoothly transition from working on a project for one client to another project for a different client.

Emma has developed a wide range of skills to assist her in completing the many different projects she works on, including copywriting, social media and graphic design. Her interest in learning new things helps to build the knowledge and experience, as well as stay up to date on the changing practices required for the public relations and marketing field.

In the episode:

2:28 – Emma shares how she is a recent graduate from Thomas College and how internships have been a stepping-stone in her career.

6:47 – If she had it to do over, Emma says she would have asked more questions.

7:57 – Emma talks about updating the Marshall Communications Pinterest page and how she enjoys seeing the agency’s media results.

10:02 – Although her career is just starting, Emma says that social media audiences have become less trusting and more difficult to grab the attention of since she started.

11:36 – Emma shares that an obstacle to her success is not speaking up.

13:15 – Nancy mentions how she knew Emma’s mom from when she worked with the Town of Madison to attract Backyard Farms.

19:08 – Emma shares how Pinterest has changed to help businesses promote their brand and product, becoming more attractive to millennials.

22:11 – Emma explains that her experience with measurement is limited but analytics on social media are very helpful.

25:26 – Emma says that her network has grown both on its own and as part of a conscious effort.

26:21 – Emma shares that her career would not be where it is today if it were not for her network.

30:24 – Some of Emma’s more valued resources include the daily newsletters she receives about PR, marketing and world news.

30:49 – Nancy mentions how she was able to meet Gini Dietrich while she was at the Content Marketing World Conference.

32:07 – Emma suggests learning from those who have more experience.

34:50 – Nancy asks Emma about her family’s apple orchard.


Just be like a sponge and learn everything that you can.” — Emma Dimock, Account Assistant at Marshall Communications


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