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Air date: 9/18/2018

Drew McLellan, Top Dog at Agency Management Institute
Drew McLellan, Top Dog at Agency Management Institute

About Drew McLellan:
Drew has worked in advertising for 25+ years and started his own agency, McLellan Marketing Group, in 1995 after a five-year stint at Y&R and still actively runs the agency.

He also owns and runs Agency Management Institute (AMI), which serves 250+ small to mid-sized agencies (advertising, digital, marketing, media and PR) every year, so they can increase their AGI, attract better clients and employees, mitigate the risks of being self-employed in a such volatile business and best of all — let the agency owner actually enjoy the perks of agency ownership.

Drew often appears in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, New York Times, Washington Post, Agency Post, AdAge, CNN, BusinessWeek, and many others. The Wall Street Journal calls him “one of 10 bloggers every entrepreneur should read.”

He also speaks at leading agency conferences and is often cited in agency-centric content for his expertise in the industry.
When he’s not hanging out with clients or agency owners and their staff, Drew spends time with his daughter and pondering why the Dodgers can’t seem to win the World Series.

Drew has a Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota.

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In this episode:

  • The psychology teacher who changed his career path
  • Drew’s fax machine story that led to his role as an influencer
  • His secret for keeping an organized to do list
  • The importance of building trust with your clients
  • The value of measuring the right metrics for your business

You can build an amazing business by really helping people with where they want to go.” — Drew McLellan, Top Dog at Agency Management Institute

Highlights from this episode:

4:25 – The advice that launched his advertising and marketing career
9:14 – Drew explains the power of earned media
10:03 – The fax machine story behind the biggest new business driver for his agency
11:43 – The secret that helps Drew manage his to-do list
21:22 – How Drew and his agency measure public relations and marketing success
24:24 – Drew shares his favorite type of compliment
27:10 – How blogging benefited the growth of his network and his job
31:07 – Social media advice for young professionals

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