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Air Date: 3/16/2021

How to borrow credibility and build relationships

In this episode, Beth Nydick joins Nancy to talk about all things public relations. From her earlier career in media to her role as a publicity strategist now, Beth talks about all the tools and techniques she uses to build relationships. Not only does she use the media to build her credibility and the credibility of her clients, but she also partners with others to build credibility with their audiences. In addition to her lifelong passion for working with the media, Beth also has a passion for nutrition and cocktails. Listen to learn Beth’s tips and tricks.

2:21 – Beth describes how her career started as a young girl when she appeared in some commercials.

3:09 – From an internship at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to publicity strategist, Beth describes her career path.

5:26 – Beth explains her framework for working with the media.

7:26 – Beth talks about how the similarities between media relations and dating.

8:40 – Beth shares some tools she uses for media outreach.

13:13 – Beth offers her secret for being confident on TV.

15:06 – Beth talks about her passion for healthy cocktails.

19:03 – Beth explains how she uses the worksheets and workbooks she has created as a form of lead generation.

20:20 – Beth describes her target audience.

23:03 – Through COVID-19, Beth explains how her business has benefited.

25:34 – Beth shares some resources that have helped her.



“We have to be people. The big miss that people have with media is that it’s really about people and not about business. That’s how you build that solid relationship so that you have that 30-year relationship.” – Beth Nydick, publicity strategist at Beth Nydick Media




Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist by Beth Nydick



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About the guest:

Beth Nydick is a speaker, author, and magnetic business mentor. As a big believer in the power of potential to catapult your business forward, she shows her clients how to strategically prepare their business to use collaboration and media to establish instant credibility to get their life-changing messages in front of massive audiences.

Thru her mantra of “Making Potential Possible,” she co-authored the top-selling Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist, and has been featured in OPRAH, Parade, Forbes, Inc., Nylon Magazine, Tori Burch, and Better Homes and Gardens plus appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The Chew, and The Tonight Show.

Beth has a 6th sense for business and strategy. It all comes down to building powerful and long-lasting relationships in a thoughtful, authentic way.

Beth’s podcast is called Behind the Spotlight. A new kind of podcast, where we are taking your favorite entrepreneurs off a pedestal and onto a barstool right next to you.


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Twitter: @bethnydick

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