Show Notes

Air Date: 11/7/2023

Encore Episode 210: An American Success Story, With Bob Shultz

As The PR Maven® Podcast awards the 2023 Golden Microphone, we are rereleasing the most popular guest episode of the past year. This year’s Golden Microphone Award winner is Bob Shultz, president and chief financial officer at Puritan Medical Products. Listen to this week’s encore episode as a refresher ahead of next week’s launch of a new episode with Bob!

In episode 210, Nancy and Bob talked about Puritan Medical Products’ growth after ramping up production of their testing swabs for COVID-19 under the Defense Production Act. In early 2020, Puritan was one of only two producers of these swabs in the world. Bob Shultz joined Puritan in April 2022 as the CFO and quickly added president to his title. Nancy and Bob also talked about Puritan’s plans for the future in this episode as well as the role sales and marketing have played in Puritan’s success.

Find the original episode here.


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