By Anna McDermott

Lisa Steele, founder of Fresh Eggs DailyLisa Steele’s story of becoming an entrepreneur is incredible and, if you haven’t already, be sure to listen to Episode 38 on The PR Maven® Podcast where she talks with Nancy Marshall about how she got started and what helped her succeed. Lisa began her career in business and finance but soon fell in love with chickens. Yes, chickens. She’s built a mini empire as a backyard chicken guru, author and TV personality.

One of Lisa’s tips for running a thriving business is maintaining brand consistency. “I think a lot of people don’t understand branding and how important it is to be consistent,” she said. She has used FreshEggsDaily as her name on all platforms – from her website to social media. Lisa said it was how her business background came in handy. She noticed early on that she’d find a business on Facebook under one name, like Julie’s Garden, but on Twitter it would be the Garden Maven. This kind of brand incompatibility is damaging to your product or business.

From the beginning, Lisa had the same logo and name on everything. If you do this with your business, there’s no doubt that someone has found the right account when they look for you. Lisa also joins all new social media networks when they come out, so she can ensure that her business is branded correctly. Even if you have no intention of making a TikTok video, join anyway and sign your business up under the name people know you by. Since most social media platforms these days are free, there’s no risk in signing up for something even if you never use it.

By maintaining brand consistency, it will help build your brand recognition and protects you from copy-cats. Know the value of your brand and work to safeguard it.

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