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Air Date: 1/16/2024

Building Brands and Using Your Brightest Minds

In this episode, Christian Espinosa shares his career path, starting in the Airforce and the lessons he brought with him to his work in cybersecurity. Chrisitan also talks about his books, mainly “The Smartest Person in the Room,” giving an overview of what you will learn by reading his book. Christian describes his keynote speaking, from his inspiration to become a keynote speaker to the theme of his speeches. He also talks about growing his personal brand and network.  

5:29 – Christian talks about his time in the Airforce and how his career developed after.  

8:47 – Christian explains how NOT to be the smartest person in the room and gives an overview of the seven steps.  

16:35 – Christian shares how he built his brand and network.  

19:14 – Christian lists some lessons he learned in the military that he still uses now.  

25:11 – Christian describes why he wanted to start keynote speaking. 

26:13 – Christian talks about the theme of his speeches: self-leadership.  

27:35 – Christian explains how his books have helped position him as a thought leader.  

29:44 – Christian shares some of the PR techniques he has used.  

31:40 – Christian offers some resources that have been helpful to him.  



“When I first started doing marketing or PR, I thought I could just market to everybody and what I realized is that I’m marketing to nobody if I’m trying to market to everybody because I don’t really understand the details of someone’s pain points.” – Christian Espinosa, CEO of Blue Goat Cyber 



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Christian Espinosa, an esteemed thought leader, is most known as the bestselling author of “The Smartest Person in the Room,” which explores the limitations of seeking validation through achievement and the desire to be the brightest intellect in any room.  

With a deep desire to inspire others to harness their innate wisdom, overcome perceived barriers, and summon the courage to tread new paths, Christian authored his latest book, “The In-Between: Life in the Micro.” This book chronicles his remarkable transformation — from a “me against the world” mindset cultivated during his tumultuous upbringing to his evolution as a compassionate global citizen committed to uplifting humanity. 

A dynamic entrepreneur, Christian built and successfully sold Alpine Security, a cybersecurity business. He founded and currently leads Blue Goat Cyber. He also has an array of professional and personal development certifications. 

His expertise extends beyond the confines of the corporate world: he’s a white hat hacker, a captivating keynote speaker, a perceptive real estate investor, and a connoisseur of heavy metal music and fiery cuisines. He’s also spent time in the Mexican jungle with Mayan Shamans, is a C-License skydiver, and is a PADI divemaster. Whatever Christian tries, he tends to master. 

Beyond his impactful professional pursuits, Christian’s zest for life knows no bounds. An adventurer at heart, he fearlessly leaps from planes and balloons, conquers towering peaks, explores the globe, imparts wisdom in outdoor wilderness survival, and even takes on the rigorous challenges of Ironman triathlons. Having completed an impressive 24 Ironman triathlons and scaled two of the renowned Seven Summits, Christian Espinosa epitomizes the spirit of transformative leadership and unyielding exploration. 


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