Show Notes

Air Date: 6/13/2023

LinkedIn Basics

LinkedIn is a business-focused social media platform that is excellent for professional networking and recruiting. For this reason, LinkedIn is very important for your business. Not only does it help connect your business with potential employees, but it helps show your company culture and allows employees to connect with one another on the platform. LinkedIn’s “About” section also ranks very well on Google, helping boost your search engine rankings. In this episode, find out how to get set up and start posting on LinkedIn.  

1:39 – Why you should create a LinkedIn page for your business. 

3:10 – LinkedIn’s demographics 

3:53 – How to create a page. 

5:21 – How to post. 

5:44 – Content ideas to share on LinkedIn. 

6:39 – When you should post. 

7:09 – How to schedule posts and view analytics. 

7:25 – How to delete a LinkedIn page. 



Episode 240: Facebook Basics




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