Show Notes

Air Date: 3/2/2021

Episode 133: Mental Health During COVID-19

In this episode, Lindy Graham, LCSW, explains the critical need for mental wellness in the workplace. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lindy responded to the increasing need for mental health treatment by creating WellSpace@Work, making it possible for Maine employers to provide mental health treatment to their employees. Lindy describes what sets WellSpace@Work apart and why breweries have shown higher interest in the program.

2:07 – Lindy explains why she was drawn to helping people with their mental wellness.

6:02 – Lindy talks about WellSpace Maine and WellSpace@Work.

7:24 – Lindy describes how WellSpace@Work was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

8:58 – Lindy shares what makes WellSpace@Work unique for Maine employees.

11:22 – Lindy lists some of the companies working with WellSpace@Work.

12:24 – Through WellSpace@Work, Lindy talks about confidentiality for employees.

14:17 – Lindy explains why workplace wellness is so important right now.

23:31 – Lindy describes the difference between WellSpace, WellSpace@Work and their therapist training program.

29:27 – Lindy gives some advice to employers.

32:18 – Lindy shares a resource that has helped her.



“The statistics show that most people are experiencing much higher levels of stress and anxiety than ever before. It used to be, on average, at any given time, one in 12 Americans would be suffering from a major depressive episode and it’s now one in four. There are a lot of reasons that employers are much more aware of that.” – Lindy Graham, LCSW, founder and director of WellSpace Maine



WellSpace Maine

Allagash Brewing Company


Rising Tide Brewing Company

Fairplay by Eve Rodsky


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About the guest:

Lindy Graham, LCSW, is the founder and president of WellSpace Maine and WellSpace@Work.

After working in her own private psychotherapy practice for over ten years, Lindy recognized the larger community need to reduce barriers to treatment and create greater access to high-quality, well-trained therapists in Maine and so she formed WellSpace Maine. WellSpace Maine provides adults, children, families, and couples with specialized treatment in the following areas: anxiety, depression, substance use, eating disorders, parenting support, adolescent health, and LGBTQ health. WellSpace Maine also provides a two-year psychotherapy fellowship for therapists interested in deepening their clinical practice.

WellSpace@Work, developed in response to the overwhelming strain that the pandemic has created for all Mainers, works directly with employers to provide confidential, effective, and readily accessible counseling for their employees.


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