Show Notes

Air Date: 11/17/2020

Steve McCausland, Communications Specialist

Steve McCausland served 32 years as the spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, handling information on over 500 homicides, another 500 fire deaths and thousands of motor vehicle fatalities. Before retiring, he had a role in every major criminal investigation the department was involved in over those three decades. He served as an advisor to eight commissioners of public safety and eight chiefs of the State Police on media relations and public and governmental policy.

Steve started his media career as the news director of the radio station in Bath and worked part-time for the Portland Press Herald, Associated Press and WCSH-TV in Portland.

He was elected and served 20 years on the Brunswick Town Council, serving six of those years as chairman.


In the episode:

Being prepared for a crisis is much better than trying to figure out what to do during a crisis. In this episode, Steve McCausland gives his tips for crisis communications based on his more than 30 years of experience. From sharing a few ways to respond to the media to preparing for an interview, Steve brings you through the basics of crisis communications. Need more? Find out how to reach Steve and Nancy for crisis communications services:

3:30 – Steve describes how his career started as the Maine State Police public information office in 1988.

4:30 – Steve provides a few ways to respond to the media during a crisis situation.

8:54 – Steve lists the universal rules of communicating with the media in a crisis.

12:47 – Steve describes how he has taught media relations in the past and how that ties in with the crisis communications planning services offered through Marshall Communications.

22:23 – Steve explains how to be prepared for a crisis and what being prepared is important.

24:46 – Steve shares the first thing he would do in the event of a crisis.

27:42 – Nancy and Steve talk about the importance of having someone from your organization be the spokesperson to show authenticity.

29:40 – Steve gives some basic tips for being on camera.

36:21 – Steve explains how you make sure you are getting your message out in a crisis situation.

40:06 – Steve shares some of the resources that have helped him through his career.



“There are a lot of things you can do and say to put your best foot forward because, in times of crisis, which is the reason you brought me into the fold here, these are very heavy times. There’s something serious that has taken place. The media knows about it. The media wants that side of the story. And, many times people look like a deer caught in the headlights, or they say the darndest things that they shouldn’t, or they’re giving up too much detail when they don’t have all the facts.” Steve McCausland, communications specialist at Marshall Communications



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