By Marshall Communications Account Coordinator Megan Crowder

Person swimming in a poolWhen I proudly stated, “I love Mondays,” one day in the office, I got the same stare I get when I say, “I don’t like whoopie pies.” My Mainer co-workers must think, “This Michigander is weird.” But, I do really love Monday and not because it has the best hashtag of the week – #MotivationMonday – although I do think it gives #ThrowBackThursday a run for its money, but because it’s the start of the week.

Working in the communications field there’s always information filling our inboxes. This is a field where innovation and technology are the keys to success. Monday is the day when we have things we left unfinished on Friday and fresh opportunities have popped up over the weekend. New information to make newsworthy, trending social content, data to analyze and websites to create.

Being a swimmer, I always make it a mission to be the first one in the water at early morning workouts, while others hesitate because of the cold water. Mondays are the days to dive in, get excited and organized. The water is there and waiting for us, just like the work on Mondays; it’s not going anywhere.

One of my coaches always repeated this quote, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” This also relates to Mondays.

Yes, the weekend is over. Yes, you have five days until Friday. Yes, you have a lot of emails.

I hate to break it to you but this isn’t the last Monday, there will be more.

So why think negatively about it? Get comfortable, and think differently.

Yes, a new week. Yes, a fresh start. Yes, new content. Yes, new trends.


This applies to every worker, not just in the communications field. Think fresh, grab a cup of coffee or whatever you like in the morning at work, maybe a whoopie pie – pick up the papers you tossed on Friday and CARPE DIEM!