On Saturday, I met with Dr. David Bach of The Platypus Institute at the SoHo Grand Hotel in New York City.

Dr. David Bach, The Platypus Institute
Dr. David Bach, The Platypus Institute

Dr. Bach is a neuroscientist who helps athletes and executives to essentially “train their brain” in order to achieve a state of “flow” where they can achieve a state of peak performance. He uses science to help people improve themselves personally and become not only effective, but also happy.

He encourages people to think of their behavior and performance as a science experiment. He encourages his patients to observe their thoughts and feelings on a regular basis throughout the day, then interrupt the behaviors that prevent them from achieving their ‘flow state,’ and replace them with more positive behaviors. He said it’s about rewiring your brain by focusing on self awareness.

Dr. Bach told me that once you have achieved your peak state and observed what it feels like to be in that state, then your brain knows how to get there, so you can repeat that behavior. He said it’s like riding a bike. Once you know how to do it, your brain is trained to do it again and again.

I am extremely interested in Dr. Bach’s work because I believe that people with a strong personal brand have trained themselves to fully manifest their best traits and behaviors on a consistent basis. When you are able to be your own best self all the time, then you will not only be productive and effective, but you will also find personal and professional happiness.

I want to thank Dr. Bach for taking the time to meet with me after I had heard his keynote speech in Baltimore, Maryland, earlier this spring. His work is not only fascinating, it is inspiring as well. He has a new series of podcasts posted on his site that feature interviews with other high performance coaches and scientists. I encourage you to listen to them.