By Abbey Violette


Last week my highlight was that I had the chance to be on Nancy’s podcast: The PRMaven® Podcast! I had a great time talking with Nancy about how I was inspired to go into marketing in college and what lead me to the field of public relations. I also discussed how Thomas College’s wonderful internship program with the Harold Alfond® Institute for Business Innovation has made this internship with Marshall Communications possible. Be on the lookout for when Episode 203 is released on Tuesday, September 20.

Last week, I completed the monthly social and podcast reports for Marshall Communications, as well as a monthly report for one of our personal branding clients. In addition, I wrote a press release for one of our new clients about their recent renovations and sent it out to media contacts, updated one of our client’s digital signage, completed and scheduled Episode 198 and formatted The Marshall Report for August (this month’s recipe is my memere’s raspberry tart pie!). I also had the chance to send out a pitch for a client’s upcoming event to media contacts for the first time.

One lesson I learned last week is the irony in how everything “happens for a reason.” Whether you consider yourself to be superstitious or not, sometimes life takes you down different paths for different reasons. I am grateful that through networking I have had the opportunity to intern here at Marshall Communications, in a field of marketing I had not previously considered, only to discover a possibility for a career. I am learning so much about what PR is in today’s world, and how much personal branding ties into PR. In today’s digital world where people have the option to avoid others with text, email, ordering takeout online or using self-checkout at the grocery store, people more than ever need that human connection. That is why PR is so important today – people would rather see who is behind the company rather than see an advertisement of what the company offers.

Stay tuned next week to read more about what it is like to be an intern at Marshall Communications, and what I am learning!

August 15, 2022