By Abbey Violette

Intern Diary 10Last week, I worked on a large research project for a client. This project involved searching for media contacts within areas that the client’s business is located. This media list will be used to distribute news to specific markets tied to their more than 65 locations. Although this client is a larger company, they stay in touch with the local areas that they have locations in by donating to local schools, sponsoring local little league teams and more, so this list will help this client achieve their “think regional, act local” marketing strategy.

I worked on several other projects, as well. I learned how to create a visual coverage report to show a client the results of their distributed press release. I also posted the social media promotion to announce the launch of Episode 199: LinkedIn: Are You Taking Advantage of the World’s Largest Professional Network?, which made me think about the importance of LinkedIn in your career. In addition, I completed a communications audit for a personal branding client, updated a client’s digital signage, and updated Visit Maine landing pages.

Over the last week, I learned about the importance of LinkedIn, and just how many people are not taking full advantage of the networking platform. Throughout my time at Thomas College, many of my professors and the career and development staff have emphasized the importance of LinkedIn, teaching students how to use the platform and build up their profile to be desirable. LinkedIn makes networking much easier than before, allowing you to connect with anyone across the globe. I have seen some of Marshall Communications’ clients and Nancy herself use LinkedIn to connect with others and build their network, showing just how easy LinkedIn makes the networking process.

Stay tuned next week to read more about what it is like to be an intern at Marshall Communications, and what I am learning!

August 29, 2022