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How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Professional Network

In this episode of The PR Maven Podcast, Nancy and Kate Paine shared some great tips about maximizing LinkedIn to build your professional network.

Social Media Tips for Young Business People

On the 4th episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, Nancy spoke to Drew McLellan, who owns and runs the Agency Management Institute (AMI) about how social media has changed their industries.

Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

Personal branding is key to building any business. Nancy describes it as putting a stake in the ground for what you believe. If people like what you stand for, they will become a brand ambassador or fan. You can use these personal relationships to build your network and your brand, for your company or for yourself, and social media has become a powerful tool in brand building.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

In the 5th episode of The PR Maven Podcast, Stefa Normantas discussed the importance of building relationships for your business.

Why You Should Use Video and Podcasts for Your Business

The power of human connection was the focus in the second episode of The PR Maven® Podcast with Nancy Marshall as she spoke with her guest, Lori Highby of Keystone Click, a digital marketing agency.

The Personal Brand Called Dependability

In business, having a personal brand that includes dependability is critical to earning people’s trust and loyalty. Be the one that other people can count on.

Make the most of networking in Maine

Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of networking in our wonderful state.

Triage Your Smartphone Usage to Honor Those People in Your Presence

Fully engaging by making eye contact, listening intently, and making intelligent conversation is vitally important to your personal brand. You want people to remember you as an engaging person, not someone who is addicted to their smartphone.

Why is it Important to Build a Personal Brand?

Knowing, liking and trusting others, and being known, liked and trusted, is what personal branding is all about.

Harnessing the Power of Conversational Marketing — Part Two

Though the basic principles of conversational marketing have remained unchanged, technology has vastly extended its reach. We can now communicate across the globe at light speed. People are talking again. Social media has enabled us to exchange opinions about anything, from our favorite brand of ice cream to the President’s performance, for the world to read.