“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”  —T.D. Jakes

Personal BrandI met with a client today who was struggling with her personal brand. I tried to engage her in conversation about it, but she just didn’t know how she wanted to describe herself.

She was struggling with making a decision on who she wanted to serve, how she wanted to describe herself, and what she wanted to do to promote her consulting services. Without having her heart and soul engaged in the personal branding process, she was at a standstill.

We decided to take a break from her branding process so she could take the time to figure out where she is headed with her business. If she is ambiguous about how to describe herself, then she will certainly not be able to communicate with clarity to her prospective clients.

I think she needs to spend some time by herself doing some quiet introspection. Someone who has done this is Dan Harris, a fellow Colby College graduate.

10% Happier by Dan HarrisI recently read Dan’s book, 10% HAPPIER. Dan suffered a breakdown on the air while broadcasting the national news at a time in his life when he was over-extended and doing cocaine. He didn’t have a clear sense of himself or where he was going in life. As part of his recovery process, he learned how to meditate, and he was then able to gain clarity in his heart and soul. This process dramatically turned his career and his life around.

If you are struggling with your personal brand, I recommend you read Dan’s book and take the time to look inside yourself. I believe that personal branding comes from the inside out and the outside in, because you truly need to radiate who you are from within, while also looking the part from the outside.