Kat Child, Account Coordinator at Marshall Communications

Though not a New England native, Kat has become a Maine enthusiast since migrating from Boston in 2019. She is excited to use her ever-growing passion for the state to help serve the Maine Office of Tourism and other regional clients. With valuable experience in the advertising industry under her belt, she strives to showcase clients’ unique values through strategic planning, social media marketing and copywriting.

Kat’s innate curiosity keeps her learning every day, whether that’s listening to a new podcast or reading up on the latest social media trends. She finds creative inspiration from Maine’s picturesque woods and waters, and aspires to bring that joyful energy into her work. Committed to client satisfaction and stellar work, Kat seeks to embrace each day with optimism, inquisitiveness, and a strong work ethic.

Kat uses her copywriting and account management skills to…

  • Showcase the beauty of Maine through social platforms
  • Promote regional stories via press releases, blog posts, and web content
  • Assist with the strategic writing of Marshall Plans®

Before joining Marshall Communications, Kat was…

  • An account executive at a Boston ad agency
  • A short-term English teacher at an elementary school in Spain

In her spare time, Kat enjoys…

  • Hiking (embracing both “real” hikes and leisurely, paved walks)
  • Writing (when possible, on her porch and accompanied by a mug of coffee)
  • Spending time with her family (luckily, 75% of her siblings live in Maine!)


Bachelor’s degree in journalism, the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media



(207) 620-9081

5 Community Dr., #110

Augusta, Maine 04330