Guilford, ME – Today, Maine International Trade Center (MITC) – Maine’s leading source for international business assistance – recognized Puritan Medical Products as its “Innovator of the Year,” praising the family-owned company for accessing international markets through new, innovative processes and products. MITC specifically noted Puritan’s COVID-19 pandemic response efforts, with the company producing and distributing hundreds of millions of COVID-19 testing swabs for people in need.

In 2020, the global pandemic created an immediate and desperate need for medical-grade swabs, inspiring the Guilford-based company to coordinate with the federal government and ramp up production to serve unprecedented demand. Because of COVID-19, Puritan now oversees three additional plants – two in Pittsfield, Maine and one in Orlinda, Tennessee – with more than 1,000 employees in total. As U.S. demand for testing swabs wanes in 2022, the family-owned company is now planning to refocus on international customers, expanding its existing global initiatives. Today, Puritan offers swabs in more than 80 countries worldwide, priding itself on a commitment to personal relationships. Those relationships will only be strengthened by Puritan’s newfound capacity, with more countries expected to benefit from the company’s manufacturing expertise.

“Innovation comes from curiosity, and we get curious about things,” said Timothy Templet, Puritan’s executive vice president of sales. “We look at a swab and say, ‘How do you make it better?’ We love it when customers ask about something we don’t make, and it’s a challenge for us to figure out how to develop what they need.”

“We’re very pleased to recognize this year’s award winners for their shared commitment to investing in the future of Maine,” said MITC President Wade Merritt. “Whether reorienting global sales strategies, scaling manufacturing in response to sharply increased market demand, or educating the next generation of international leaders, these are stories of resilience in the face of continuing uncertainty.”

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About Puritan Medical Products:

Puritan was founded in 1919 as a toothpick manufacturer with the goal of producing a quality product that people needed, and delivering it with superior customer service. Family owned and operated, Puritan is proud of the families and the rural, small-town work ethic that make the company what they are today: a world-class manufacturer with customers on seven continents. With an ever-expanding line of medical products made of the most up-to-date materials and manufacturing processes, Puritan delivers innovative solutions for even the most demanding application. For more information go to

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