In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, host Nancy Marshall, introduces her guest, Sam Morse, a professional ski racer with the U.S. Ski Team. Sam discusses his journey from learning to ski at a young age at Sugarloaf, to achieving impressive results on the international stage including a top 10 finish in the World Cup. The conversation delves into his background, the influence of his upbringing in a faith-driven family, his education in mechanical engineering at Dartmouth College, and his efforts to build a personal brand. Sam also highlights his advocacy for promoting ski racing, his interaction with the media, and his unique celebration gesture, the ‘Moose Antlers.’ The episode is sponsored by Pitchcraft and includes insights on how PR professionals can benefit from their platform.

00:00 Introduction to The PR Maven® Podcast
01:03 Meet Nancy Marshall: The PR Maven®
01:47 Special Guest: Sam Morse, Professional Ski Racer
02:36 Sam Morse’s Skiing Journey
08:14 Public Speaking and Media Relations
15:10 Training and Racing Year-Round
22:59 Social Media and Personal Branding
28:32 Sam Morse Fast Camp and Holistic Athlete Development
33:43 Conclusion and Contact Information

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About Sam

Sam Morse began skiing at the tender age of 23 months at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. From playful days on the slopes as a toddler to becoming the number one downhiller in his age group in the FIS race circuit — Sam’s journey is indeed incredible. He quickly progressed from local races to global competitions, including the Olympic track in Sochi and the World Cup Finals in Aspen. Sam is also a mechanical engineering student at Dartmouth College.

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