They discuss the importance of traditional and digital networking techniques for brand growth. Michelle shares her circuitous career path from corporate aviation to podcasting, her influence in helping entrepreneurs and authors tell their stories, and practical tips on how to effectively pitch oneself as a podcast guest. She emphasizes the significance of authentic storytelling, creating engaging marketing content from podcast interviews and repurposing such content for maximum reach. 

00:00 Introduction to The PR Maven® Podcast
01:56 Introducing Michelle Glogovac
03:59 Michelle’s Career Journey
07:28 The Power of Podcasting
10:49 How To Become a Podcast Guest
18:09 Promoting Your Podcast Appearance
21:21 Pitchcraft Sponsorship Highlight
23:57 Preparing for a Podcast Guest Appearance
32:58 Final Thoughts and Farewell 

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About Michelle 

Michelle Glogovac is THE Podcast Matchmaker™, an award-winning publicist, host of the “My Simplified Life” podcast and author of “How To Get On Podcasts.” Michelle is working with clients who make an impact by defining their stories and matching them with the perfect podcasts. She has helped entrepreneurs, authors, nonprofits and advocates hone their storytelling abilities, grow their businesses, and elevate themselves as thought leaders on over 1,000 podcasts. Michelle is a sought-after speaker in this niche and has presented to thousands of publicists and groups on how to not only perfectly pitch a podcast, but to create marketing content from every interview. She has coached 14,000 authors through the process of creating and launching a podcast book tour through the Nonfiction Writers Association.  

Michelle is a wife, mom of two, stepmom of two, and a fur mom. She has her B.A. and M.S. in law, and is the founder and CEO of The MLG Collective®. Michelle resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a sushi lover.

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