Show Notes

Air date: 10/23/2018

About this episode:

Nancy Marshall presenting to the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce

In this episode, Nancy records her podcast from her presentation at the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Expo about how to build your personal brand and network online. She talks about how a podcast can help build your personal brand, suggests improvements you should make to your LinkedIn page and gives resume advice.

Read more about managing your personal brand.

In this episode:
3:09 – What makes you stand out when you meet someone

3:49 – Nancy’s advice for handshakes

4:26 – How to improve your digital footprint online

8:12 – What you should do to improve your LinkedIn profile

9:46 – How Nancy got her first career position in marketing

14:25 – Why you need to be memorable and stand out

15:35 – Why you should Google your own name and use Google Alerts

16:36 – What Nancy says should be on your resume and what will get it thrown in the trash

18:26 – How to start a podcast, invite guests and create a scheduling system

23:51 – The difference between narrowcasting and broadcasting and Nancy’s podcast recommendations

If you are remarkable in some way, you’re going to be more likely to be promoted or hired because people will remember you. You want to be memorable.” — Nancy Marshall, Founder & CEO, Marshall Communications

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