Show Notes

Air Date: 4/2/2020

There is no such thing as “business as usual” these days. Now is the time to put plans in place for the time when the world returns to normal. It’s a very good time to reflect on your business and how you are serving your customers or clients. Now is also the time to show compassion, reach out to your network and help in any way you can. In this special podcast episode, Nancy shares her perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and ten tips small businesses can use for communicating during a crisis.


In the episode:

1:04 – Nancy defines a pandemic and shares a story of a paper her mom, known as Oma, wrote on the Bubonic plague.

3:17 – Nancy shares her gratitude and well wishes.

3:46 – As a result of the pandemic, Nancy tells how she is staying clean.

5:53 – Rather than having FOMO, Nancy talks about how she is being productive while working remotely.

8:47 – Nancy shares her ten tips for communicating during a crisis:

  1. (9:08) Show compassion for the victims of the crisis.
  2. (9:57) Make a network map:

Network Map

  1. (12:35) Create a message map:

Message Map Template

  1. (14:38) Keep your social media current.
  2. (16:16) Think about the message your physical plant is sending.
  3. (18:18) Make plans to coming back stronger than ever.
  4. (19:41) What can you do to help the cause?
  5. (20:57) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Now is not the time to go dark.
  6. (23:06) Is your website up to date?
  7. (24:55) Stay calm.



That’s really the thing we need to be most concerned about is the health of our family, our friends, our customers, our vendors and the people in our network.” – Nancy Marshall, CEO of Marshall Communications and The PR Maven®




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