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Air Date: 2/11/2020

About the episode:

Kim Jackson, Director of Communications & Marketing at Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports
Kim Jackson, Director of Communications & Marketing at Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports

Kim Jackson has a passion for storytelling and brand development with more than two decades of experience in marketing and communications in the public and private sectors. She has worked in various industries, including health and fitness, skiing, snowsports, travel and tourism, and most recently, the nonprofit sector.

She has expertise in brand building, storytelling and messaging. Her work spans from writing hard and feature news stories as a reporter for The Boston Globe and the Gloucester Daily Times, to being the PR director and communications manager for a large corporation in Boston and for Killington Resort, among others.

She has placed stories in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Sports Illustrated, and in hundreds of local, regional and national publications, as well as social media outlets. She holds a B.A. in journalism from the University of New Hampshire and enjoys skiing and outdoor activities.

In the episode:

2:07 – Kim explains that her career in communications started after trying to cross the country until she totaled her car.

6:03 – Kim shares how her career has come full circle by working at Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports.

8:23 – Nancy and Kim talk about the importance of visuals, including a lesson Nancy learned from Chip Carey.

9:14 – Kim explains that you have to be authentic and tell a story that comes from the heart to be successful in PR and marketing.

11:15 – Kim describes finding the fine line between pulling in emotion and making sure athletes, participants or instructors don’t become an inspiration.

14:59 – Nancy asks about Kim’s framework for telling stories.

17:32 – Kim shares how she measures success for the stories she shares.

19:59 – Kim describes the link between personal and professional, which leads to authenticity.

21:32 – Kim talks about how her work has changed since she started her career, emphasizing the importance of keeping up with technology and the use of video.

33:31 – Kim talks about how she has built her network organically through an overlap between her personal and professional life.

37:03 – Nancy shares the story of Yellow Nose Vole Day.

38:33 – Kim shares her go-to resources, including the Public Relations Society of America and NPR.

41:46 – Kim shares how her storytelling has changed because of technology.


When you tell that story and you tell it from the heart, it resonates with people, it drives emotion, and then it triggers them to want to act on that.” – Kim Jackson, Director of Communications & Marketing at Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports


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