Air Date: 9/17/2019   Updated: 4/2/2024

In this episode, Nancy’s mentor, Chip Carey, shares his top tips from his 40+ year career in marketing and public relations. Find out why it is important to treat your hometown paper well, how to build relationships with reporters and journalists, and the benefits of telling a visual story and making it easy for the media to share those visuals. The most impactful tip for your career: don’t be afraid of change. Stay on top of changing technologies. Don’t be afraid to change how your brand is perceived. The ability to adapt and change will help you stay in touch with your audience. Speaking of audience, make sure you know who your customer is, so you don’t waste time and money targeting the wrong people. All this and so much more as Nancy and Chip reminisce and share special stories from their work together.   

00:00 Introducing Guest: Chip Carey   

01:52 Introduction to the PR Maven Podcast 

02:53 How a Love of Photography Led Chip to PR 

07:32 How To Build Strong Relationships With Reporters and Journalists 

14:15 A Lesson of Making a Story Visual 

16:31 Why Social Media Shouldn’t Fall Under PR 

21:34 Chip’s Time at Sugarloaf and Jackson Hole 

29:17 The Battles Between Sugarloaf and Sunday River 

39:32 The Legend of Paul Schipper  

50:27 The Importance of Events in Attracting Media Attention 

55:31 Being a Student of the Game 


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About Chip  

With 46 years of experience in the ski industry, Chip Carey has held positions at many ski resorts across the country. Carey worked at Sugarloaf for 26 years, filling roles in sales, marketing and public relations. He also took on a position at The Canyons resort in Utah, where he was responsible for the NBC Today Show live coverage for 14 days of the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002. For four years, Carey worked across a network of eight resorts as senior VP of marketing for the American Skiing Company using his wide range of skills to build brands and revenues. From his experience building Sugarloaf as a skiing destination, despite the mountain’s remote location, to the launching of new brands, Carey has been involved in many aspects of ski resort operation.  


Chip Carey Infographic: A Careers Worth of Tips Every PR Practitioner Should Know