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Air date: 3/5/2019

About this episode:

Greg Glynn, Account Supervisor at Marshall Communications
Greg Glynn, Account Supervisor at Marshall Communications

As an account supervisor at Marshall Communications, Greg manages the public relations and marketing efforts for a wide range of clients. In 2016, he received his Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) through the Public Relations Society of America and is one of only 5,000+ professionals nationally accredited in the field of public relations.

His attention to detail is an important asset in the coordination of media coverage, press releases, e-newsletters, and social media content, plus editing for video and audio projects, including The PR Maven® Podcast.

Prior to joining the Marshall team, Greg was the vice president of communications and play-by-play voice of the Portland Pirates minor league hockey team in Portland, Maine. Over his broadcasting career, he has called more than 600 games and has experience covering a large and diverse range of high school, collegiate and professional sports.

Greg is a graduate of the Broadcast Journalism program at Quinnipiac University with a minor in marketing.

In this episode:

4:24 – How Greg found out about sports broadcasting at a young age and how it launched his career

6:20 – Why Nancy calls Greg the epitome of focus

8:25 – A decision Greg would have made differently in his career related to his back and physical health

11:43 – A unique story about how Greg used social media to find Olympian Julia Clukey as spokesperson for a Marshall Communications client

15:38 – Nancy explains how the agency has a long history of diving into our clients work and how it has differentiated itself from other public relations, marketing and advertising agencies

17:29 – The obstacles that Greg has overcome in his career and the value of mindfulness

24:06 – Greg talks about the importance of measurement and the value of research in creating a baseline for public relations, social media and marketing

25:43 – The major takeaway from Greg’s accreditation process for his APR from the Public Relations Society of America

26:38 – Nancy talks about how The Marshall Plan® helps clients to work collaboratively with the team from Marshall Communications to identify goals, objectives and strategies

27:55 – The person who influenced Greg to understand the importance of networking and relationships

30:49 – An important lesson Greg learned in his broadcasting career and the value of building relationships in your industry

34:04 – Greg’s broadcasting mentor and how his network has helped him advance his career

34:30 – The story of why Greg slept overnight in a photo booth in a bus terminal in Buffalo, New York

36:54 – The Apple app that he loves for staying organized

39:20 – Greg’s advice for people starting their career in anything from broadcasting to public relations

41:23 – Greg ties together the keys for how Nancy and Greg launched The PR Maven® Podcast

42:42 – Greg’s motivational parting thought for listeners and members of PR Maven® Nation

There are three things you can control in life; your attitude, your gratitude and your effort.” – Greg Glynn, Account Supervisor at Marshall Communications



  • John Lee Dumas, podcaster and host of Entrepreneurs on Fire
  • Jess Camerato, Sixers Insider at NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • Cindy Glynn, Greg’s wife
  • Jen Boes, Communication Strategist (Episode 14 of the PR Maven Podcast)
  • Julia Clukey, Olympian
  • Nick Alberding, former president of the Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association
  • Dr. Ed Lacerte, Head Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist for the Boston Celtics
  • Bill Schweizer, former CBS Radio and Quinnipiac University broadcaster
  • Paul Pacelli, Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey, radio broadcaster

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