In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, host Nancy Marshall speaks with Stephen Church from Copywriter Pro, covering a wide array of topics from Stephen’s background in psycholinguistics and his journey from teaching English globally to entering the family retail business and eventually founding Copywriter Pro. They delve into the significance of Freelance Writers Appreciation Week, Stephen’s deep dive into SEO and commercial copywriting and their collaboration on the PR for the commemorative china for Prince William and Kate’s royal wedding. The conversation navigates through Stephen’s perspectives on the British Monarchy, the evolution of SEO, and the nuanced challenges of copywriting. Stephen emphasizes the importance of clarity, conciseness and compelling content, highlighting the indispensable role of understanding and communicating the benefits of products or services. They also explore the potential impacts and utilities of AI in copywriting, stressing the need for authenticity and human touch in creating engaging and effective copy. The discussion concludes with Stephen’s recommendations for aspiring writers and a reminder of the essence of continual learning through reading. 


00:00 Welcome to The PR Maven® Podcast with Stephen Church 

00:51 Stephen Church: A Journey from Language Lover to Copywriting Pro 

02:16 The Royal Wedding China: A PR Success Story 

05:41 Stephen’s Take on the Royal Family and The Crown 

11:26 Diving into the World of Copywriting with Copywriter Pro 

13:28 The Art and Challenges of SEO and Copywriting 

21:44 The Power of Copywriting: Insights from Maya Angelou 

23:32 Local Business Success: Leveraging Nancy’s Marketing Techniques 

25:14 Back to the Podcast: Continuing the Conversation with Stephen Church 

25:41 The Royal Connection: From Weddings to Speech Writing 

26:37 The Art of Letter Writing and Its Personal Touch 

27:35 AI in Copywriting: Threat or Tool? 

32:56 Maximizing LinkedIn: Strategies for Effective Networking 

36:56 The Essence of Effective Copywriting: Clarity, Conciseness and Compelling Content 

41:50 The Importance of Reading for Aspiring Copywriters 

44:05 Connecting with Stephen Church and Wrapping Up


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About Stephen

Stephen Church is a seasoned copywriter and the founder of Copywriter Pro, a company dedicated to helping growth-minded businesses attain more and better-quality clients through clear, concise and compelling words for their websites. Church’s profound love for language and its impact on behavior steered his educational path toward psycholinguistics at university. Prior to his venture into the corporate world, Stephen had an extensive career as an English language tutor across various countries, including Madrid, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and London. In the early 1980s, he returned to the UK to join his family’s long-established retail business, where he quickly adapted to the digital era by launching a pioneering e-commerce site. However, it was Copywriter Pro that truly allowed Stephen to merge his passion for language with professional pursuits. Beyond his professional achievements, Stephen maintains a keen interest in the royal family and significant events, despite his candid stance on the institution itself. His connections and endeavors, from promoting commemorative china for royal weddings to engaging in thoughtful discourse on modern monarchy, reflect a multifaceted individual with a deep appreciation for both history and the evolution of communication.