In this PR Maven® Podcast episode, host Nancy Marshall sits down with Liz Williams, the communications manager for the Episcopalian Diocese of Georgia to discuss her journey to this unique position. Liz elaborates on her journey from a marketing undergraduate to eventually working in the church’s youth and children ministries. She also recounts her experience with a non-profit for mental and behavioral health before becoming communications manager. Nancy and Liz discuss the varied responsibilities, including managing social media, public relations and larger communications for churches. Their discussion also touches on the upcoming Episcopalian Communicators Conference, set to take place in Portland, Maine. The conference’s aim is to build community amongst communicators and equip them with crucial tools. Liz discusses the importance of crisis communication within the churches, and Nancy provides details about her upcoming keynote and crisis communications workshop.


00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome

00:18 Liz Williams: Her Journey and Role in the Episcopalian Diocese of Georgia

02:21 The Importance of Communication in Ministry

04:14 The Role of Branding and Social Media in Evangelism

05:32 Details about the Upcoming Episcopal Communicators Conference

08:12 Choosing Conference Locations and the Excitement for Portland, Maine

10:45 The Importance of Crisis Communications in Churches

16:12 Break and Book Promotion

17:08 The Power of Personal Branding and Networking

24:34 The Importance of Empathy and Compassion in Crisis Communications

24:39 Details about the Crisis Communications Workshop

30:34 How to Register for the Conference

33:04 Liz’s Recommended Podcast and Contact Information

35:18 Closing Remarks and Anticipation for the Conference



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Episcopal Communicators Conference

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About Liz

Liz Williams is the communications manager for the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. She has a deep passion for the church and its liturgy, hymns and compassion for others. Liz has served in various positions within the church and has found her calling in ministry and communications. She has also worked for a nonprofit in mental and behavioral health for children and families.  

Liz’s career path led her to her current role as the communications manager for the diocese. She is excited about the upcoming Episcopal Communicators Conference in Portland, Maine, where she will be a keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Liz emphasizes the importance of personal branding and growing a network of connections.  

She believes in the power of listening and making others feel seen and heard. Additionally, Liz will be co-presenting a crisis communications workshop, where she will discuss the importance of empathy, compassion and planning in effectively communicating during times of crisis.