In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, host Nancy Marshall welcomes guest Koty Potts, the digital manager at ER Marketing, to discuss how to amplify brand reach using traditional and digital networking methods. Koty shares his journey from an SEO specialist to a digital manager, stressing the benefit of combining SEO expertise with web development skills. He elaborates on his strategy of optimizing blog posts and regularly updating old content to improve search rankings. Koty believes that reusing and updating existing blog content is cost-effective and leads to better SEO outcomes compared to publishing new blog posts. He emphasizes the significance of understanding and responding to audience needs and competitive content to stay ahead and even recommends a few resources for anyone seeking to dive deeper into SEO and content marketing.


Steps For Optimizing Blog Posts Infographic00:02 Introduction to the PR Maven Podcast

01:44 Introducing Guest Speaker: Koty Potts

01:56 Koty Potts: Journey in Digital Marketing

02:58 Optimizing Blog Posts for Search: A Deep Dive

03:20 The Power of Blogging and SEO

06:48 The Impact of SEO on Business Growth

09:45 The Art of Blog Post Optimization

15:21 The Importance of Regular Content Updates

15:32 The Role of Public Relations in Content Marketing

17:50 The Value of Consistent Blogging

27:08 The Impact of Backlinks on SEO

33:54 Conclusion and Contact Information



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“They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan

“Building Better Brands” by Elton Mayfield

Search Engine Journal



“Evergreen Affiliate Marketing” by Nate McCallister


About Koty

Koty Potts, Digital Manager at ER Marketing, initially joined as an SEO specialist and swiftly expanded his role into web development. With a keen eye for SEO, web development, and a strategic focus on reporting and analytics, Koty wears many hats in his current position.

Beyond his 9-to-5, Koty is a freelance filmmaker, photographer, and musician — a lifelong creator. His creative background aligns seamlessly with his digital expertise, making him a versatile professional.

Koty’s standout trait is his insatiable curiosity. He thrives on learning, ensuring he masters any challenge. With a commitment to continuous growth, Koty is a valuable force in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.