Show Notes

Air Date: 7/25/2023

YouTube Basics

Video content is a powerful tool on most social media platforms, so having a channel on YouTube, a social media platform predominately made up of video content, can be beneficial to your business. Not only is YouTube another platform to share your video content and reach your audience, but it is also a powerful search engine that helps expand your audience. In this episode, find out how to use YouTube for your business and some content ideas to get you started.

1:11 – Why you should create a YouTube channel for your business.

2:13 – YouTube’s demographics.

3:28 – How to create a channel.

4:13 – How to create a video, post and edit published content.

6:05 – Content ideas to share on YouTube.

6:38 – When you should upload.

6:58 – How to view analytics.

7:05 – How to delete a YouTube channel.



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