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Air Date: 7/11/2023

Where To Start When Promoting Your New Business

Not all professions teach you how to run a business during your studies. What do you do when you open your own business but don’t know how to promote it? In this episode, Dr. Phil Finemore talks about his career path and how he launched his own business. Dr. Phil shares some of the ways he learned to promote WorkFitME Mobile PT using networking to grow his audience. Dr. Phil also describes his approach to physical therapy and Nancy shares her physical therapy journey.  

3:55 – Dr. Phil explains how having physical therapy got him interested in the field and why he decided to make it his career.  

5:45 – Nancy tells her physical therapy story and Dr. Phil explains what sets his business apart.  

10:03 – Through a holistic approach, Dr. Phil talks about how physical therapy can help treat and prevent injuries.  

14:33 – Dr. Phil describes his podcast, the Strength For Your Purpose Podcast.  

18:28 – Dr. Phil explains how he promotes his business, mainly through networking.  

22:40 – Dr. Phil shares how he learned about audience targeting. 

24:23 – Dr. Phil provides some resources that have helped him. 



“People come to us for our therapists. They don’t come to us because we’re WorkFitME Mobile PT, our therapists and our therapist reputation have made people aware of WorkFitME Mobile PT, but they trust us because we deliver the care. I think even more so in our fields, it’s our reputation, the therapist’s reputation within the practice [so] personal branding is our number one form of marketing and PR. …People need to know we’re working on their bodies, we’re helping their livelihood, we’re not selling you a car or something…We have a direct impact on their life and their ability to provide and enjoy their life, so that’s huge.” – Dr. Phil Finemore, PT, DPT, owner of WorkFitME Mobile Physical Therapy 



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About the guest:     

Dr. Phil Finemore received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2013 and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2015 from Husson University in Bangor, Maine. Dr. Phil has spent the last eight years treating a variety of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions in outpatient orthopedic clinics in southern Maine. That experience has proven time and time again that way too many people are being passed around from provider to provider, spending more time in pain and less time living the abundant life they have worked so hard to achieve. That has become Dr. Phil’s goal: help busy Maine professionals, executives and business owners improve their physical performance to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life with their loved ones. Dr. Phil doesn’t work for insurance companies, he works with his clients, getting them results that lead to more abundance in every aspect of life. His mission is to make sure the dreams and aspirations of each of his clients aren’t derailed by preventable injury and pain. Dr. Phil became a physical therapist to help people and that is the number one goal at WorkFitME. 

Originally from Oakland, Maine, Dr. Phil is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys playing guitar in his spare time. He and his wife, Mallory, welcomed their first child, Brielle, in May of 2019 and another daughter, Sawyer, in September 2022. 


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Twitter: @drphilptdpt 

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