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Air Date: 3/14/2023

Talking TikTok, With Anna McDermott

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform worldwide, surpassing social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In this podcast episode, Anna McDermott shares some of the tips she has learned from creating TikToks for Marshall Communications. Anna also shares the data and demographics that prove why TikTok is an important PR and marketing resource for your business.  

1:32 – Anna explains how her career started in the hospitality industry.   

2:40 – Anna describes how she started using TikTok for herself personally and for Marshall Communications.  

3:38 – Anna talks about the kinds of videos she creates.   

5:04 – Anna shares what some of her most popular videos have been so far.  

6:08 – Anna explains what Marshall Communications’ goals are for using TikTok.  

11:48 – Anna talks about how social media fits into PR.  

12:26 – Anna describes the demographics for TikTok. 

14:20 – Anna explains why you should consider using this new social media platform for your business.  

16:27 – Anna talks about the algorithm on TikTok.  

18:45 – Anna explains how to share a TikTok video to Instagram Reels.  



“Most public relations agencies are not doing TikTok. They have experience with the older, familiar platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We’re kind of on the cutting edge, I think, for social media marketing, and that’s where we as an agency want to be. We want to be at the intersection between traditional PR and social media marketing. I think TikTok is helping position us very well for that.” – Anna McDermott, account supervisor at Marshall Communications 



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With a passion for creative strategy, Anna brings nearly 20 years of experience to our Marshall Plans. Her insightful work highlights each client’s unique qualities and connects them with targeted audiences and media. Anna’s areas of expertise include crafting vibrant copy for press releases, pitches, newsletters, SEO and other promotional materials as well as bringing a fresh perspective to social media marketing. 


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