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Air Date: 12/27/2022

Changing Customer Perceptions in the Automotive Repair Industry With PR and Marketing, Featuring Lynn Campbell

In an industry where most of your customers are grumpy from having vehicle trouble, how do you create an enjoyable experience? In this podcast episode, Nancy speaks with Lynn Campbell, director of marketing, advertising and CRM at VIP Tires & Service. Lynn talks about the differences between the automotive repair industry and the other industries she has worked. She also describes the difference between the marketing techniques VIP uses and what makes each of those techniques unique and valuable.

3:20 – Lynn explains how she is neither left nor right-brain dominant, enjoying both the science and creativity that comes with a career in marketing.

5:38 – Lynn talks about the benefits of working with an outside PR agency, such as gaining a new perspective.

10:01 – Lynn describes what the VIP magazine will include, launching spring of 2023.

12:26 – Lynn shares the differences in marketing and PR between the automotive repair industry and other industries she has worked in.

17:29 – Lynn gives tips on how to prioritize your work.

19:07 – Lynn explains different aspects of marketing and what makes each unique.

23:33 – Lynn shares a resource that has been helpful to her.



“We try to empower [our customers] and give them back control of something that they see as a very uncontrollable situation. It really helps them feel better about what they’re doing when they’re a partner in the decision making around what they are going to do for their vehicle. When they are offered options at different price levels and different types of products, then they can weigh in and decide what works best for them.” – Lynn Campbell, director of marketing, advertising and CRM at VIP Tires & Service



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About the guest:

After graduating from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, with a Bachelor of Science, Lynn began her marketing career in Los Angeles working as a media planner for a local advertising agency. After a few years, she moved to Hawaii to work with a global agency, Ogilvy and Mather, and later became Vice President of The Advertising Works. She then began her own marketing agency, CG Media Specialists, which she owned and operated for six years. After moving to Maine in 1992, Lynn moved to the client side of the business working with local firms like Hannaford Brothers and WEX (formerly Wright Express), as well as Marketing Director for AutoZone in Memphis. She joined VIP Tires and Service 6 years ago and is currently their Director of Marketing, Advertising & CRM.

Lynn lives in Greene, Maine, and enjoys long hikes with her dog, Callie, and snowshoeing in the winter months. She also dabbles in acrylic painting and always enjoys a good mystery novel. Although she’s lived in many places, she’s made Maine her permanent home and considers herself a Mainer.


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