Show Notes

Air Date: 11/29/2022

2022 Golden Microphone Award Celebration With Tim Winkeler

In this episode, The PR Maven® Podcast celebrates four years and congratulates Tim Winkeler, president and CEO of VIP Tires & Service, for having the most popular episode of the year. Nancy and Tim talk about what makes VIP’s business model successful and how the company’s internal culture is shared externally through marketing. Nancy and Tim also discuss the Right to Repair movement and how they first met.

3:20 – Tim makes remarks on winning the Golden Microphone Award, owing VIP’s success to its people.

4:08 – Tim explains the mission and values that drive VIP’s marketing.

7:04 – Tim talks about how VIP sponsors nonprofits and teams their employees are involved with and the benefits of doing so.

9:32 – Tim describes the internal culture of VIP and how the company communicates that through its marketing.

14:17 – Tim explains what the Right to Repair movement is and VIP’s involvement.

16:05 – Nancy tells the story about how she and Tim met.

21:31 – Tim shares a resource with an important life lesson.



“Our mission is simple: earn a customer for life. Our owner came up with that 20-something years ago and it’s super simple and it’s relatable to anybody.  In any situation. Earn a customer for life. What would you do if your mission right now was to earn a customer for life? And so it simplifies the business.”– Tim Winkeler, president and CEO of VIP Tires & Service



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About the guest:

Tim is an accomplished people-focused leader with a track record of building high-performance teams that exceed expectations. Always focused on customer needs and feedback, he builds core competencies around making money by serving customers in different and better ways. Tim thrives in helping organizations succeed through strategy development and execution, relentlessly pursuing continuous improvement while helping each member of the team reach his/her personal best. Tim is a teacher at heart and learns every day by reading great books and meeting great people.

VIP Tires & Service operates 65 shops throughout New England. With 600 employees, VIP is a third-generation private company. Under Tim’s leadership, VIP has been transformed from a discount retailer to a professional service provider by focusing on people rather than price. VIP invests in its people through a multitude of programs including leadership training, P&L training, career pathing, certification achievement, team building and many others.

VIP’s culture is embodied in the company’s vision: VIP’s professionals love their jobs because they are appreciated, well-prepared, enjoy serving others and find personal success as a member of the VIP Family.


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