Show Notes

Air Date: 7/19/2022

Larry and Matt Murphy, and James Beaupre

How does teamwork and word of mouth jumpstart a company? Find out in this episode as the team from The Devil’s Half Acre Distillery share their brand’s story, and how they have jumpstarted their company. The team explains how their product has spread through word of mouth and old school PR and marketing. In addition, learn about the teamwork and the Bangor history behind creating their Jigger and Jones gin.

3:00 – Matt shares his idea to open the distillery that stemmed from his family history.

4:16 – Larry explains the origin story of their brand name, and the Bangor history behind it.

8:43 – James talks about his background as a chemical engineer and how he created the Jigger and Jones gin.

12:47 – Nancy asks all three about their positions in the business, and whether they are all veterans.

14:07 – They talk about how their product has grown through teamwork and word of mouth.

Nancy & Larry Murphy

21:52 – Larry talks about the current sales of The Devil’s Half Acre, and their plans to expand.

22:41 – Larry and Matt talk about how old school PR and marketing have helped their business.

27:40 – How the pandemic impacted The Devil’s Half Acre.

28:38 – How the military has prepared Larry and Matt for running The Devil’s Half Acre.

29:40 – Matt talks about the current economic conditions and how that has impacted their business.

30:47 –Matt talks about the future of The Devil’s Half Acre.

33:17 – Larry shares the national and international demand they have received, and how they won metals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Bartenders Spirits Awards Competition.

36:04 – James shares how to make their Boarding Pass cocktail to rediscover gin.


QuoteMatthew Murphy

“What we learned about our brand story that we put together with the product, is that we had met a need that consumers were missing. People weren’t aware that they could like gin. People weren’t aware that there was a history that could define what’s in the glass in front of them. By meshing those two together, the awareness drove itself and it has allowed people to talk about the product saying, ‘I don’t like gin, but I like this Jigger and Jones stuff.’” – Matthew Murphy, President, Director of Operations and Co-founder of The Devil’s Half Acre Distillery.



Fan Jones and her Sky Blue House of Pleasure – Meander Maine

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Bartender Spirits Awards competition

The Boarding Pass Cocktail


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About the guest:

The Devil’s Half Acre Distillery was established in 2016 and is the only military veteran owned and operated distillery in the State of Maine. Their spirits have local character, are artisanal, and expertly handcrafted with a focus on product quality and customer service. Devil’s Half Acre relies entirely on the collaboration and contributions of more than any one person. Their success thus far is the result of founders, family and friends who have put their time, money and/or sweat into this project and it could not have been done without them.


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