Air Date: 6/21/2022   Updated: 6/25/2024


How do you build a personal brand? Find out in this episode as Kit Huffman explains how to start a personal brand, sharing her tips and the steps she uses with her clients. Kit explains what personal branding is, how to identify a goal for building a personal brand and talks about how networking will give your brand a boost, sharing tips on how to network. In addition, Kit shares how she built her own personal brand, and how that fits into an overall marketing strategy.  

00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven ® Podcast
01:33 Introducing Guest: Kit Huffman
02:59 Why Kit Went to Business School
09:00 Definition of Personal Brand
11:24 Identifying Your Personal Branding Goal
17:18 Why You Need a LinkedIn About Section
19:33 The Importance of Networking to Personal Branding
26:09 Personal Branding Steps
30:25 How Kit Built Her Own Personal Brand
32:28 Personal Branding in an Overall Marketing Strategy
36:38 Helpful Resources 

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About Kit   

As a seasoned executive ghostwriter and communications consultant, Kit Huffman leverages years of experience ranging from writing with Fortune 500 c-suite executives, billion-dollar brands and prominent startups. As a result, clients have turned to her to help navigate joining culturally sensitive conversations, celebrating venture capital funding rounds, announcing company layoffs and sharing deeply personal stories.  

After years of working as a personal branding strategist, Kit founded SENECA, an executive branding agency, that focuses on amplifying the voices of innovative business leaders. SENECA’s team of strategists and ghostwriters foster close relationships with clients to craft attention-grabbing content that strategically shares their personal stories, lessons and expertise to cultivate engaged online communities, become thought leaders within their industries, and build identities separate from their work titles. 

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