Show Notes

Air Date: 6/21/2022

How do you personal brand? Find out in this episode as Kit Huffman explains how to start a personal brand, sharing her tips and steps she uses with her clients. Kit shares what personal branding is, how to identify a goal for building a personal brand and talks about how networking will boost it, sharing tips on how to network. In addition, Kit shares how she built her own personal brand, and how that fits into an overall marketing strategy.

2:59 – Kit explains that she had so many interests, so she decided to go to business school.

6:17 – Kit shares how her father and grandfather were also entrepreneurs.

9:00 – Kit defines what personal branding is to her.

11:24 – Kit explains how to identify what is your goal is for building a personal brand.

17:18 – Kit stresses the importance of your LinkedIn “about” section.

19:33 – Kit explains networking and personal branding.

26:09 – Kit shares personal branding steps.

30:25 – Kit shares how she built her own brand.

32:28 – Kit talks about how personal branding fits into an overall marketing strategy.

35:02 – Kit shares how to build personal and company brands.

36:38 – Kit lists some resources that have been helpful to her.



“My strategy for networking on LinkedIn is I will send a genuine note to someone if I engage with their content that I really do enjoy, or if I read an article that they like, and say ‘I liked this and I would love to be a part of your network and grow together.’ A take away I’ve learned is to take something they’ve read, but make it personal to them.” – Kit Huffman, Personal Branding Strategist at SENECA



Indiana University

Nancy’s Forbes Agency Council articles


Simon Sinek – Start with Why (Book)

Jackson Hole

Tim Ferriss – Tools of Titans


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About the guest:

Kit is the lead strategist and founder of Seneca. With a marketing degree from a top-10 business school and experience as a social media consultant for one of Europe’s largest marketing agencies, her pivot to specialize in personal branding has allowed her to work with global Fortune 500 clients and executives. When she is not building strategies to skyrocket her clients’ personal brands, catch her skiing the slopes of Jackson Hole, trying a new coffee shop, or planning her next international getaway.


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