Show Notes

Air Date: 3/1/2022

Marketing Maine Maple Products

In this episode, Scott Dunn, president of the Maine Maple Producers Association, joins Nancy to talk all things maple in Maine. From how he got started in the business to promoting maple products and Maine Maple Sunday, Scott explains what makes maple products that are made in Maine unique when compared to other regions. Scott also offers tips for cooking with maple and some resources to learn how to produce maple syrup or connect with producers.

2:50 – Scott shared how he got involved with syrup making as a kid in Vermont.

4:29 – Scott explains what the Maine Maple Producers Association is.

5:43 – Scott offers his favorite way to cook with maple, substituting the sugar in chocolate chip cookies with maple sugar.

6:57 – Scott talks about Maine Maple Sunday, the last Sunday in March.

10:19 – Scott describes what makes Maine’s maple brand unique.

12:58 – Scott shares his vision for the future of Maine-made maple syrup.

13:05 – Scott provides some resources that have helped him in his maple syruping career.

15:01 – Scott talks about the weather conditions to make maple syrup.



“Our producers put a tremendous amount of pride into their product. Everything from the way they care for the woods and the trees, into their sugarhouses and really the final product. It’s made with passion and pride. Being able to connect with that really makes people enjoy maple syrup that much more because they have their people. It’s nice to hear stories when families come in and they’re like ‘We brought maple syrup home and my daughter wouldn’t eat it because it wasn’t yours.’” – Scott Dunn, president of the Maine Maple Producers Association



Maple events and classes

University of Vermont

Connect with producers


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About the guest:

Scott Dunn started making maple syrup in Vermont with his family as a kid. In high school, a neighbor had a sugar house up the road and Scott would help him after school. Years later, Scott started making syrup on a small scale. He has now grown to 1,600 taps and has direct-to-consumer and wholesale accounts all over Maine. His website sales have grown tremendously in the last two years.

Scott was elected as the president of the Maine Maple Producers Association three years ago at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and has worked to support the producers and grow the “Maine” brand. Their signature event, now in its 39th year, is Maine Maple Sunday. Each year, sugar houses open their doors for a maple celebration state-wide on the fourth Sunday in March.


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