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Air Date: 11/23/2021

2021 Golden Microphone Award Celebration with Peter Koch

In this episode, The PR Maven® Podcast celebrates three years and congratulates Peter Koch, safety management consultant and manager of digital technology at MEMIC, for having the most popular episode of the year with the Golden Microphone Award. Nancy and Peter discuss The Safety Experts Podcast, a podcast created by MEMIC and hosted by Peter to help share their message of safety. The episode also features a special message from MEMIC president and CEO, Michael Bourque.

3:36 –Peter explains where the idea for The Safety Experts Podcast came from.

5:35 – Peter describes MEMIC and what his role at the company is.

8:01 – After determining that they would do a podcast, Peter shares how Marshall Communications worked with MEMIC to create a strategy and how MEMIC has benefited.

12:29 – A message from Michael Bourque, congratulating Peter on receiving the Golden Microphone Award.

13:43 – Peter talks about all the different elements of creating a podcast episode.

16:58 – Peter offers a book that has helped him in his career and life.



“The concept was how do we help people consume information about safety in their spare time, if they have an interest, and bring it to them in a way that’s different than grabbing a book or a pamphlet that might give you five steps for how to set up your chair better at your office. We can talk about that in the podcast with some really interesting people and make it more intimate and more fun for someone to consume.” – Peter Koch, safety management consultant and manager of digital technology at MEMIC.



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