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Air Date: 10/20/2020

How to build brand exposure by understanding your story

Lynne Golodner is the host of the Make Meaning Podcast and founder of the Make Meaning Movement. She is also the founder of Your People LLC, a marketing and public relations firm she started in 2007 to bring meaning and purpose to marketing for schools, universities, and municipalities.

A 2020 member of the Forbes Agency Council, Lynne Golodner was recognized by MichBusiness as a Marketing & PR Prophet in 2019 and by Crain’s Detroit Business as a Notable Woman in Marketing in 2018.

Author of eight books, including The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads, Lynne writes a monthly column on Meaning for the Oakland Press. She spent 15 years as a nationally celebrated journalist before becoming an entrepreneur focused on marketing through strategic storytelling, mutually beneficial relationships and higher purpose.

A Fulbright Specialist, Lynne is a graduate of the University of Michigan (BA, Communications/English) and Goddard College (MFA, Writing). She is the mother of four teenagers and lives with her family in Huntington Woods, Michigan.


In the episode:

2:31 – Lynne describes how she came to her career in PR through journalism.

4:53 – Lynne explains her approach to sharing the higher meaning of her clients’ businesses.

10:26 – To build exposure around your brand, Lynne suggests starting with understanding your story.

19:17 – Lynne shares how she builds brands through storytelling, relationships and higher purpose.

22:15 – Lynne explains why she has maintained a small company and why she encourages people to do their own PR whenever possible.

27:21 – Lynne talks about how she creates a collaborative approach with her clients.

29:43 – Lynne describes the changes she has seen in her career, emphasizing the changes to the media.

36:03 – Lynne shares how she has built her personal brand through publishing books, writing and speaking out about what she is passionate about.

38:50 – Lynne describes why she likes working from home and how COVID-19 brought her family together.

42:03 – Lynne offers several resources that have helped with her career.



“And I feel like that’s when we’re at our best, when we can really understand and listen to one another, even if we don’t agree, but we do see that humanity and we do connect as people.” – Lynne Golodner, host of the Make Meaning Podcast



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