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Air date: 10/30/2018

About this episode:

Bill Green, reporter, anchor and executive producer at NEWS CENTER Maine
Bill Green, reporter, anchor and executive producer at NEWS CENTER Maine

Bill Green specializes in telling rich stories of Maine’s outdoors. Bill is Maine’s senior television reporter (over 40 years) and one of its most popular, as well.

In 1993, he became a full time feature reporter having already established the weekly segments Green Outdoors and My Hometown. In 2016, his show Bill Green’s Maine won the Regional Emmy as Outstanding Magazine Program in New England.

A lifelong Mainer, Bill was born in Bangor (1953) and attended the University of Maine. He is an inductee into the Maine Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame and the Maine Sports Hall of Fame. He is a registered Maine guide, has served as senior warden at Trinity Episcopal Church of Portland and assistant JV baseball coach at Greeley High.

One interesting fact about Bill is that back in 2000, he donated bone marrow to a 10-year-old leukemia patient in Holly, Michigan, who went on to graduate from college and is recently married.

Bill and his wife Pam reside in Cumberland. They have two grown children, Sam and Emily.

In this episode:

5:49 – How Bill Green’s career got started when he got fired from McDonald’s

9:17 – How the Triple Ripple ice cream started his on-camera career

11:26 – Bill and Nancy share stories of their mutual friend Chip Carey who handled Sugarloaf’s public relations

14:24 – Why Bill isn’t worried about having the most social media followers and what he does want

15:08 – Bill explains how he used social media to follow news about Senator Susan Collins’ deciding vote in the Brett Kavanaugh hearing

16 :41 – Bill answers if social media attention could influence whether the station does a news story

17:40 – Bill’s 4th of July sturgeon story and the water-skiing squirrel genre type of story

25:53 – Why one Facebook live video Nancy produced with Bill never aired

28:34 – The importance of journalistic ethics and of presenting both sides of the story

30:25 – How and why the long tail of the web is driving traffic to the Kotzschmar Organ in Portland, Maine

32:06 – The decision Bill had to make during a live shoot while the national anthem was playing at the Dempsey Challenge

34:58 – Why Bill Green became a registered Maine guide

38:03 – Why Sugarloaf Mountain video footage was something Bill worked hard for and his philosophy to walk to the walk

39:38 – What is changing for media that cover the outdoors

41:44 – Bill’s career advice for the next generation

42:09 – Nancy and Bill reflect on the importance of networking and having a Rolodex of contacts

Find your job and do it well and go about and work your butt off.” — Bill Green, reporter, anchor and executive producer at NEWS CENTER Maine


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