Show Notes

Air Date: 9/19/2023

Encore Episode 36: Lieutenant Tim Cotton, Bangor Police Department

As The PR Maven® Podcast continues celebrating 5 years, we are rereleasing our second most popular episode of all time, episode 60 with special guest, Tim Cotton. If you missed last week’s rerelease of the most popular episode on The PR Maven® Podcast, check out that episode here! Tune in again next week for the release of a new episode with Tim coming out on September 26!  

In episode 60, Tim Cotton was celebrated as the guest with the most popular episode of the year at the first PR Maven® Podcast anniversary celebration. This episode with Tim was recorded from Rising Tide Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, in front of a live audience. Nancy and Tim recalled some of the highlights of episode 36 and what made Tim’s episode a fan favorite. During the party, the Duck of Justice (DOJ) disappeared, reappearing a few days later visiting with Governor Janet Mills. The Marshall Communications team successfully retrieved the DOJ, ensuring his safe return to the Bangor Police Department.  

Find the original episode here.


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